Our most Frequently Asked Questions

Chester Student Rentals is a local, family-run business with over thirty years of experience in the Student Rental Market.

We are committed to maintaining our properties to the highest standard and our hands-on approach ensures that we can respond to tenants’ requirements with the utmost efficiency.

Happy students are important to us

Yes, we are Accredited Landlords with Cheshire West and Chester Council, private sector housing.

We insure the buildings and our contents. It is your responsibility to insure your own personal belongings.

Chester Student Rentals does not require a deposit, however, a UK-based guarantor is required. A guarantor must be, over 25 and in full-time employment, a homeowner or rented accommodation.

eg. a parent, relative, or a corporate guarantor.

Rent is paid as per the payment schedule in your Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement by bank transfer.

These payments are made by yourself as we like to make sure you have funds in your account to pay your rent.

These are made up of 4 payments, September, October, January and April. The term payments coincide with your loan payments.

If you ever have an issue paying your rent please get in touch with us for a chat.

You are contracted to pay rent for 48/52 weeks as per your tenancy agreement. This entitles you to stay in the property throughout this period.

If you have difficulty paying your rent please call all us straight away to discuss the matter. We understand that life can throw up small problems. Give us a call or pop into the office ( 81 Garden Lane Chester CH1 4EW, situated in the Garden Lane Quarter) and we will try and find a solution that suits both parties.

All our rents are all inclusive of all utilities. A fair usage policy is in place.

This includes Gas, Electric, Water, TV licence in the communal lounge and Broadband.

All students are exempt from paying Council Tax if they are on a full-time University Course. You will receive the exemption certificate when you register at the University at the beginning of each academic year.

If you are unable to obtain a Council Tax Exemption Certificate you may become liable to pay the Council Tax on the property during the period of your tenancy.

Once you and your guarantors have signed your tenancy agreement and Deed of Guarantee this is a legally binding agreement between you and Chester Student Rentals.

Should the tenant’s circumstances change at any time, prior to the commencement of the tenancy or during the tenancy and they no longer wish to occupy the rented accommodation, as a gesture of goodwill the landlord will agree to a request from the tenant for a transfer of tenancy to a suitable prospective student tenant who is willing and able to take over the remaining term of your tenancy agreement and meets the landlord’s requirements. However, the tenant and his guarantor will remain contractually liable for the payment of the rent until the transfer has been successfully completed. In the event of no suitable applicant being found the tenant must continue with his/her rent payments to the end of the tenancy agreement.

Yes, the house will be clean when you move in. All our properties are professionally cleaned before your tenancy begins. The house should be left clean and tidy when you move out.

Yes. Each bedroom is fitted with a carpet, a 3ft or 4ft bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a desk, a chair, a pinboard and blinds. Some rooms have either a bookcase or some wall shelves and a privacy lock on the door.

We put picture hooks up in each room, as Blu-Tac damages the paint surface. If you need any more putting up just give us a call.

All re-painting will be carried out by our own painters and decorators.

If you have a problem in the house please contact us immediately and we will send one of our representatives to the property.

Problems rectified quickly prevent further issues from arising.

It is the responsibility of the tenants or their guarantors to pay for any damage caused. Fair wear and tear is accepted.

We provide each bedroom with a pinboard and picture hooks for you to display your pictures and photographs. Using Blu-tac etc. damages the paintwork so we prefer it not to be used.

As per your tenancy agreement, pets are not permitted on or in the property.

A TV licence is provided for the communal lounge. This is paid for in your all-inclusive package.

We provide all the white goods that are required but it is the tenant’s responsibility to provide their own kitchen equipment. Any electrical equipment bought into the property should be PAT tested.

We provide a washing-up bowl, sink drainer, waste bins, mop and bucket, dustpan and brush, ironing board and vacuum cleaner.

Each house is registered and licensed by Cheshire West and Chester Council for maximum occupancy. For safety reasons, we need to know who is on the property.

Yes, all our properties are checked on a regular basis. Annual checks include Gas Safety checks, Pat Testing, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Detection Systems. A periodic electrical check takes place every 5 years.

Candles are not to be used on the property.

We are very safety conscious and candles cause the majority of household fires.

The majority of our houses have gas combination central heating boilers. These are checked annually. If not electric storage heating is supplied which will be mentioned on the property listing.