Information for Students

Hello and welcome to The Chester Student Rentals Information for student’s page.

Hope you find our Top Tips helpful.

Chester Student Rentals top tips on finding your perfect student home with us

Why choose us? Reputation is everything!!

We have over 30 years’ experience helping students find their perfect home from home.

Chester Student Rentals are proud to have received from University of Chester’s Student Union, Home Award in recognition of quality and service to students.

Here is your chance to get things right from the start, with Chester Student Rentals.

Check out our excellent Google and Facebook Reviews from our previous tenants.

Looking for your first student home with your friends can be a daunting experience.

CSR are here to help you find the perfect student home, in the right location.

A home that meets all your expectations and helps make your time at The University of Chester a happy one.

Before you start looking:

  • Decide on who you would like to live with and your group size
  • Are you all like-minded people?
  • Do you want the same experiences?
  • What is your budget for accommodation?

Once you’ve decided on who you want to live with:

  • Pick a time when you are all free, get the laptops out and start the hunt on The CSR website for your perfect student home.
  • What’s important to you all:
    Location to your University campus, Sports Facilities, being near the city centre for the night life, or being away from the student hub, in a quieter location.
  • The University of Chester is spread out over a number of campuses around Chester, so make sure you pick a property that works for you all.
  • Take a look on our map search to find the best location for your campus.

Well done on narrowing down your options and choosing a few houses to view.

These are some of the important things you might want to ask us:

  • Are all the utility bills included in the rent?
    Yes, all utilities including Broadband are included in your rent.
  • How long is the tenancy agreement for?
    Our tenancy agreements are for 48 weeks.
  • Is the tenancy agreement an individual or whole house agreement?
    All our agreements are Individual tenancy agreements, as recommended by The University of Chester Student Union.
  • Is there a deposit required?
    No, we don’t charge you a deposit.
  • Is the landlord easy to get hold of in case of an emergency/problem within the property?
    Yes, we are just a txt or a phone call away if you need us.

We are here to answer any questions; however silly you think they might be.

Landlord Reputation is everything. Speak to our existing tenants in the properties, you are viewing. Ask around on campus for student recommendations and their rental experiences.

Don’t let your uni-mates pressurise you into sharing a house with them, if you’re not sure.

We personally take you on house viewings. We like all of your group to be present for the viewing. This keeps viewings to a minimum and reduces disruption to our present tenants.

We are Accredited Landlords with Cheshire West and Chester Council which means all our properties are of a high standard and comply to all current regulation.

Signing the paperwork with Chester Student Rentals

  • Once you’ve decided on your student home with us for next year, we will electronically send you a booking form, for all your details.
  • Tenancy agreements will only be issued once we are in receipt of all of your groups booking forms. If you have any questions regarding your tenancy agreement, please feel free to pop into our office at 81 Garden Lane, in the heart of the student quarter, for a chat over a cuppa and a biscuit or a homemade cake if you’re lucky!!
  • You are not just a number to us. As a small family run business, we like to take time to get to know all our tenants.
  • We do not charge deposits or fees, however, to reserve the property we ask that you pay £100 per person which is part payment of your first month’s rent in advance.
  • Tenancy agreements and guarantor forms need to be returned from each tenant and guarantor within 7 days from receipt, to secure the property.

What is a Guarantor

  • A guarantor is required for each applicant
  • A guarantor is usually a parent/ guardian of the applicant or someone over the age 25, in full time employment, a house owner and a UK resident. The Guarantor will be responsible for paying the rent and any monies that become due, on the tenant’s behalf if the tenant is unable to pay themselves.
  • If you have difficulty finding a guarantor, alternative options are available. We can discuss these with you in person or look at the Housng Hand link below.

Moving in

  • We like to meet all our new tenant’s personally at your new student home, on moving in day to show you around and explain how things work. Oh, and to show you where the vacuum cleaner lives!!!!
  • We send out a group email to arrange a suitable move in day/time for everyone.

We would prefer your group to move in together if possible, so inventories can be checked jointly. September is a busy time, so the earlier you book your move in date with us, the more chance you have of getting your preferred date/time.

Staying with us for another year

  • If you love your student home so much and would like to stay for the following year, make sure you call in to our office at 81 Garden Lane to discuss your options early. We always try and accommodate our existing tenants first, whether it’s in your present house or you are looking for change.

Find your perfect home with Chester Student Rentals to make your Uni experience stress free!!