Keeping fit and healthy while studying at Chester University

The postive effects of exercise on studying

Staying active does wonders for your study game whilst you are university. First off, when you get moving, your brain gets a boost with better blood flow, delivering all the good stuff it needs to focus and remember stuff. Plus, exercise releases those feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which can seriously zap stress and keep you feeling positive while you hit the books.

And let’s talk about sleep – exercise helps you sleep like a champ, which is crucial for retaining all that knowledge you are studying. Taking breaks for a workout also gives your brain a breather and helps you come back to studying feeling fresh and ready to go.

Plus, getting into a fitness routine builds up your discipline and time management skills, making it easier to balance studying with all the other awesome stuff you want to do during your course at Chester University.

Living the student life in Chester can be a blast, but keeping fit on a tight budget isn’t always easy. Fear not, health-conscious scholars! This guide will navigate you through the city’s fitness scene, uncovering affordable options and hidden gems to get your heart pumping without draining your bank balance.

Budget-Friendly Gyms:

First things first, finding a gym. Let’s ditch the hefty membership fees.

The Gym Group Chester City Centre

The Gym Group Chester City Centre offers gym membership to students for less than £16 per month and is an excellent option for students wanting unlimited gym access and unlimited classes.

Pure Gym Chester

Pure Gym Chester offers gym membership also for less than £16 per month (there is a £10 joining fee), plus you can get an additional 30% off the first 6 months for students.

If you prefer variety, Brio Leisure Centres like Northgate Arena Chester have the “Brio Leisure Card” for pay-as-you-go gym access, swimming pools, and even fitness classes. They also offer a 10% discount for students.

Total Fitness Chester offers a special student membership, as does Nuffield Health  with 10% discount to students. Some of these even offer free trials from time to time, so visit their websites for further details.

Beyond the Gym Walls:

Keeping fit isn’t just about treadmills and weights. Embrace the outdoors for FREE!

Grosvenor Park Chester

Explore the picturesque Grosvenor Park, perfect for runs, walks, or picnics. Hike or bike along the scenic Dee River Round path, or challenge yourself with the breathtaking trails of Delamere Forest which can be reached by Train in 21 minutes for around £3-£5. There are organised 5k and 10k races there and it even has concerts in the Forest so you could combine a day of fitness with an evening of entertainment.

Remember there are also free, weekly Parkruns in Chester on Saturdays at 9am – a fun and social way to stay active. You can find more details on the park runs in Chester here

If you’re super fit already, you may want to consider the Chester Triathlon which takes place in June, although these are very demanding they also may be outside of your budget. You can check more about the Chester Triathlon here

Fuel Your Fitness and Studying Sessions:

Staying active is great, but fueling your body with affordable, healthy options is key. Chester’s independent shops and cafes offer delicious and budget-friendly choices. Swap the pizza for hearty salads at Bean & Cole, fresh wraps at the Rows’ independent cafes, or energizing smoothies at local juice bars, although these healthy choices can be a bit on the expensive side for a student.

You could always make hearty salads and smoothies yourself by getting some delicious, healthy produce from the Taste Cheshire Chester Farmers Market, bursting with fresh produce at great prices. Remember, healthy doesn’t have to mean expensive!


Remember by nurturing your body, you create the optimal conditions for academic success, maximizing your ability to absorb information, tackle challenges, and achieve your goals.

Here at Chester Student Rentals, we want our student clients to be happy and healthy. That’s why we have our lovely home away from home properties and somewhere you can just drop in and say hello if you have any problems. A happy home and healthy mind are the surefire way to your academic success.